I am Francesco Esposito, and I live in the beautiful Tuscany region of Italy.

I am fascinated by a lot of things – and I love all things beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

I am somewhat of a dabbler in technology, though I do have a masters degree in Engineering and plan to pursue my Ph.D. someday.

I love drones, and whenever I find some time I like to fly a few quadcopters and multicopters.

Living in a region as beautiful as Tuscany, you just can’t help but want to capture the most beautiful aerial videos you can.

The drone laws in Italy are very, very strict. So I go to really secluded places to fly. Flying in cities over people is not something you would want to do in Italy. That’s a pity. There are so many really gorgeous monuments here, but I dare not film them using a quadcopter.

I built this site to document all that I have been learning about drones, and whenever I learn something new, I update the site.