Furibee VR01 FPV Googles Review

The Furibee VR01 FPV Googles are a good value for money. This model has a 480x272 resolution, which is not quite HD (the box says HD). But if you are someone who is accustomed to much higher resolutions, say 800 x 480 then you might have some trouble getting used to this one.

You might for instance notice that you are having a harder time making out certain items that are in range due to the grainy image quality.

furibee vr01 fpv goggles review


This is very easy to put together. Just plug the battery in (the batteries are not included), attach the antennae and you are good to go.


This model is ergonomically designed. All parts that touch your face are padded - and so wearing them for a extended periods does not cause the slightest amount of discomfort.That said, the goggles are made from low quality plastic - so these certainly do not feel like some of the more expensive ones on the market.These FPV goggles have two RX5808 chips in a diversity configuration. These have a good degree of sensitivity. The video reception is pretty good - even when there is a much RF noise in the surroundings.The two antennae are of the circularly polarized type.


The model lets you to utilize the receiver that comes with it. Or you can use any other receiver you like. It also comes with an a/v cable with an RCA adapter and a 3.5 mm jack. A button on the top acts as a switch you can use to change sources.There are no batteries included. But these do come with a power cable.


The resoultion is certainly not ideal. It could have been better. But this is likely to matter only if you are already used to 800x480. For those who have never used a 800x480 model in the past, the Furibee VR01's 480x272 resolution is not going to matter.The reception , however, is respectable. The quality of the reception has a lot to do with your transmitter and with the antennae.If you would want to use a DVR, that should be pretty straightforward because these goggles are easy to disassemble.


  • Inexpensive
  • Functions with glasses
  • comes with auto scan
  • Easy to use with a DVR


  • Doesn't completely cover your face and so ambient light might seep in
  • 480x270 resolution
  • Battery not included

You would want to note this is a budget model. Comparing this to higher end FPV goggles isn't something you would want to do.

The Furibee VR01 is ideal for those who are just getting started with FPV. And everything about it works.

But if you are someone who is used to a 800x480 screen, then you would not be impressed with this - and this isn't the model for you.