How to pick an antenna for FPV goggles?

The Furibee VR01 fpv goggles comes with a 4dBi mushroom antenna and 4dBi planar antenna. Here's a look at other types of antennae you might want to be aware of. 

Choosing out a best antenna for your FPV goggles is as like an art. You should do that selection carefully through taking time for examining out its features. 

Your goggle acts as the single most important pieces for FPV equipment that you have to buy. Before buying there is a need for you to check out whether it is Omni-directional antennas that transmits and listen out in all directions. Know about your polarization type along with that pick your directions.

Top branded antennae for FPV goggles

iflight FPV antenna

  • The iflight fpv antenna sma male - you can get them with 5.8g rhcp antennas vtx antennas.
  • Its frequency is 5.8GHz.
  • Its bandwidth ranges from the 5.5 to 6.0 GHz.
  • It provides best support in providing the class range and signal quality.
  • You can easily bend them at different angles.
  • Provides 360 degree protection support from the low feeder loss.
  • Assembly is easy.
  • Quality of the material would be high.
  • Supports for the better ranging with best orientation flexibility.
  • Its weight is 6.8g and length is 60mm.

Docooler fatshark antenna

  • It contains a flexible cable that is used for ensuring the position.
  • Its design is optimized in terms of the radiation and patterns.
  • It has a flexible cable that could bend at a 90 deg angle for goggles that contains horizontal SMA outputs.
  • The skew planer designed would give you a better range of performance.
  • It contains an improved wire stems for greater rigidity.
  • The RGHCP ranged from 5.8 GHz FPV use.

  • Crazepony FPV antenna

    It is designed with 5.8G panel antenna.

  • Polarized up with vertical horizontal.
  • The material that is used for manufacturing it is copper wire with high frequency
  • ‚Äč

    Anbee circular polarized antenna

  • It runs on 5.8 GHz that commonly make use for the FPV systems.
  • It is Omni-directional.
  • RP SMA Connector supports for both the receiver and transmitter.
  • It increases up the video and audio signals.

  • Mushroom antenna and panel antenna kit

  • It provides the compatibility for FPV goggles.
  • The frequency is 5.8 GHz.
  • Connectors - RP SMA make.
  • It gains 7 dBi for the mushroom antenna.

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