DVR 101 - FPV Goggles

First-Person View (FPV) is a method for controlling a radio-controlled vehicle from the pilot or driver’s viewpoint. FPV is also known as video piloting or Remote-Person View (RPV). FPV is mainly used to unmanned aerial vehicles and radio-controlled aircrafts. Onboard Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is a leading method to record the FPV videos without compromising the quality and any signal interference from the VTX.

The Furibee VR01 FPV Googles does not come with a DVR - but you would still want to know why you might want a model with a DVR. 

This is because a proper installation of the DVR in the mini quad or remote controlled model. Goggles are spectacles designed for some special purposes like the stereoscopic goggles and night vision. These spectacles are well equipped with protective rims, special lenses and other things to prevent injury to eyes from flying objects, strong wind, blinding light and any obstacle

Consider the basics  

Not every FPV setup records the video users see through their goggles or monitor. You have to understand this fact and use the professional guidance to use a DVR on the FPV goggles. Users of the latest resources like a pair of DVR equipped with the best goggles get 100% satisfaction. However, users of the old headsets are keen to upgrade their headsets and record videos. They require an external DVR to fulfil expectations about the video recording.

Many brands of cheap and best external DVRs on the market give you the complete assistance and increase your interests to directly invest in one of these products. Users of such products are comfortable and happy in their way to record their video onto the card and transfer such content to their PC, Mac or wherever they like.

As a beginner to the process of connecting a DVR to the goggles, you have to spend enough time and follow the suggestions to be successful in this approach. You can mount the DVR to the goggles next to the battery which can be reached by the LiPo balance cable. You have to use this included cable for connecting the DVR to the headset. Jack in the cable in both ends plug directly into both the DVR box as well as goggles.

Simple buttons in the user-friendly DVR boxes have the user-friendly buttons designed to start and stop recording and also playback the video. A menu function in this product supports users to make changes to the settings like brightness adjustment, cut-off toggle time and the video format selection.

The main advantages

There are several benefits of having the latest onboard DVR in the Quadcopter. However, the main benefits are a cheap method to capture the first-class flight videos, no OSD showing in the recorded footage and the DVR has the best stuff to record directly from the FPV camera.  

You may think about whether the DVR recording is affected by the image downscale or signal interference. You have to understand that the most modern onboard DVR does not provide such problems to its users.  Users of the ultra light racing drones and micro drones these days get more than expected advantages from the onboard DVR.

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