Why do I get a grey screen in my fpv goggles video?

Your FPV system is the unique and the most essential part of your quad. It gives you a live video feed to show you where the aircraft is travelling and enables you to perform mind-bending acrobatic movements. If a single part in your FPV system breaks during flying, then the quad moves down, all because of one part. A faulty FPV video signal, riddled with static can provide a quad ineffective, closing a fun day of FPV.

Before we get any further, you would want to ensure your fpv goggles are synced to your quadcopter

Steps to follow ...

Situation 1: Grey screen with OSD info on the screen

If your drone flying in a great height without the FPV goggle, you can check the OSD info on the screen, it shows that there are no issues with the FC.

Step 1: Check Cable or Wire Connection

  • Check the cable connection, including the wire connection between VTX and FC, VTX and camera.
  • Examine whether the soldering is excellent and the connector wire is loosed.
  • Re-plug the connector wire and then power up again to check whether the screen comes back to normal.

If the wire connection is stable and there is yet a black screen after you re-plug the connector wire, proceed to follow the next step. 

Step 2: Check Your Camera

  • First power up the device.

1) For FPV drone, first, you should verify the screen.

2) For 4K drone or HD, kindly check whether the LED on the DVR board will flash or not.

a. If the LED on the DVR board will flash, then it will be ready to change into the grey screen.

b. If the LED on the DVR board will not flash, then you have to check with the board.

Step 3: Check FC

  • Kindly use a conductive or a tweezers tool to connect the in and out pad on the cam pad, FC and VTX pad on the VTX.
  • If the screen goes back to normal, then you will get the desired grey screen in your FPV.
  • If the screen has not gone back to normal, this indicated that the OSD chip on the FC is cracked and there is a defect in the system.

How to Record Video?

Insert micro SD card in the Air Unit and FPV Goggles to record the video. By default, the recording begins when you load the drone and it automatically ends and saves the video when you deactivate. You can further start recording by pressing a key by adjusting the setting in the goggles and you can take the videos in any place.

OSD data is stored in a “.srt” file and you can load it on top of your video when you see it or edit it. If the video fodder is black, but you can, however, see the OSD, then it's your camera that has to be diagnosed.

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