What FPV goggles work with Mavic pro?


The Mavic pro is an efficient quadcopter drone that delivers excellent results and provides an exciting FPV flying experience. The advancement in technology means there is considerable improvements and upgrades to different devices as well as gadgets.

If you are someone who is already using prescription glasses for short sight or long sight, you might want to read this articles on using FPV goggles with prescription glasses.  

The FPV setup is no different as the manufacturers continue to drive forward and bring in the latest innovations and improvements to their products. There are a number of drones and FPV goggles in the market from various manufacturers that differ in their quality, specs, features and pricing.

Documenting Mavic pro

The DJI Mavic pro comes with a lot of new advanced features and capabilities such as 3 modes of active tracking, hovering precision, sophisticated collision avoidance through 3D technology, intelligent modes of flight and gesture guidance amongst others. Though there have been more recent drone products DJI, the Mavic pro still continues to be one of the efficient and effective drones for FPV experience in the market.

There are different versions of the DJI Mavic pro that are available in the market and these include standard version, platinum version and the alpine white edition of Mavic pro. The new transmission system of DJI OcuSync enables the device to transmit and communicate the high definition of the video streaming @10800p and 720p. This is available from the distance of 7 kilometers. The range of Mavic pro is considerably higher than some of the other DJI models and thus you get a good upgrade with this specific product.

In terms of specs the max height that you get with the Mavic pro is 5000 meters above the sea level. This is called service ceiling and it's the maximum altitude where 30 meters per minute climb is maintained. The maximum operating altitude is the highest altitude it can go. The flight time of the Mavic pro is longer than a lot of the other consumer drones in the market. You get average 27 minutes of the flight time with the Mavic pro and platinum version provides 30 minutes of flight time.

You also get efficient and effective system of collision avoidance. The Mavic pro comes equipped with "Flight autonomy" system which uses the ultrasonic and the vision sensors for observing the objects that are 15 meters in front and this helps the machine to avoid colliding with the obstacles.

This system provides high precision, long range sensing of the obstacles through 3D environment scanning. The flight autonomy system consists of 7 components which includes 5 cameras, satellite positioning through dual band, redundant sensors, ultrasonic rangefinders and specialized as well as powerful computing cores.

FPV goggles that work with the Mavic pro

There are various FPV goggles that are compatible with the Mavic pro drone and work in tandem with it. All of the DJI FPV goggles are obviously compatible with Mavic pro since it is manufactured by the same company and it belongs to the same eco-system.

Beyond this the FPV goggles from some other manufacturers also work efficiently like the Nvidia K1 tablet amongst others, however you might require more cables for this setup.

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