What does diversity mean - FPV goggles?

The FPV goggles combined with the flying drone provides an amazing experience and enables the consumers to discover different things through those flying machines. Before you choose a pair of fpv goggles, you would want to read this to make sure they have a large field of view

The drone machines have gained considerable popularity in the recent times with technology becoming more accessible and the commercial products for the consumers becoming more mainstream in the market.

There are different manufacturers who produce good quality FPV goggles that are used in systematic setup with the flying drones and copters.

If you are thinking of purchasing the FPV goggles then it is important to compare different products and models, look at their specs as well as features, pricing, manufacturer and eventually make an informed decision based on your requirements. You must also be aware of the different factors as well as technical details associated with the FPV goggles so that you are well equipped with necessary information when purchasing.

Understanding the term diversity associated with FPV goggles

Let us understand the concept of diversity and how it works with FPV goggles in detail. So for instance you are flying a drone in an area which has both - the sparsely populated trees and open fields. When you are flying through open area the antenna on the goggles and the quadcopter does not get obstructed and hence the only signal that might happen in this scenario is from either the device going out of the range or the interference caused by other similar radio devices. However when you are flying through the trees you get obstruction between goggles and the quad. Thus this will result in signal getting interfered which means weaker signal reception leading to blurry or unclear pictures and videos.

However with the introduction of diversity you have two receivers of video on the goggles. Each of the receiver has its own antenna which means that there are different types of antennas for different receivers.

The module of diversity constantly monitors to look out for the signal that is better and its mechanism allows you to switch to the antenna which has got the better signal at that point of time despite the copter flying through the trees. This essentially means that the chance of signal loss during the flight is minimal and you have got options to choose from your signal strength.

Most of the diversity setups make use of directional antenna and the omni-directional antenna. The omni-directional antenna does the capturing of signals from the 360 degrees near you and directional antenna provides fixed range of the degrees from where it works. In the example that was provided above directional antenna can be pointed towards trees so that when you begin flying in that region, diversity module will be able to select the antenna as it is supposed to have the better signal.

There are various diversity modules that are available and the GE-FPV diversity module is very efficient as well as effective. If you are interested you can purchase this diversity module from various different sellers.  

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