A Look At Different Lipo Battery Connector Types

Lithium Polymer batteries, also known as LiPo batteries, are rather new batteries that are commonly used in most consumer electronic devices. This type of battery has become quite popular in the radio control industry in recent years and is now one of the most popular options for people looking for batteries with high power and long run times.

While these batteries offer an array of benefits, it is up to each individual user to decide if some of them overweigh the drawbacks presented. Nonetheless, there's nothing to fear when it comes to LiPo batteries - as long as users use the batteries as they are intended to be used.

What are LiPo Battery Connectors?

A LiPo battery connector is, in simple terms, an electrical device used to connect 2 or more electrical elements to allow current to move between the elements. As such, a connector is a device used to connect the different electrical system components of an RC model for it to function properly.

However, there is more to these connectors than just linking components as this can be accomplished without them. Therefore, a connector must meet several needs including how easy it is to use and solder, how well it allows currents to flow through it, and how safe it is. As such, the purpose of different LiPo battery connector types, or any other connector for that matter, is not just connecting components, but also to improve how components work.

If you are planning on using a LiPo battery, chances are you want to get as much power to your components and motor as possible. However, this may be hampered if the connectors you've used to supply power from your LiPo battery are terrible.

Bad LiPo battery connector types increase resistance and prevent power from being supplied/used efficiently.

As such, it is important that you understand the different types of connectors available if you want to make sure that you go for the right type of connector.

In addition, you would always want to use the recommended lipo battery charger - and have a monitor and tester as well. Lipo batteries can get unstable if they are not handled right and you can never be too careful while handling them.You would want to take the necessary precautions while charging your batteries and always place the batteries inside a lipo bag while charging.  ‚Äč

Deans Connectors

Of all LiPo battery connector types, Deans Connectors are, without a doubt, the industry standard. They have been around for like forever, and have been the number one choice for most discerning RC enthusiasts.

The great thing about these connectors is that they slide together quite smoothly and feature a very nice design. However, they can prove quite difficult to solder, particular for newbies. Like most modern connectors, Deans connectors are polarity protected.

Traxxas' Connectors

Traxxas connectors are high current connectors that have been gaining popularity over the last couple of years. While they are often seen on RC trucks and cars, there are a couple of airplane enthusiasts that have switched over to using them too.

One of the main reasons why is because they are easy to assemble. As their terminals are separate from the housing, this makes them easier to solder - even for first timers. At the same time, Traxxas' connectors do not require heat shrink since their plastic housing cloaks the terminals completely.

Just like Deans Connectors, Traxxas connectors are also polarity protected; as such, they cannot be plugged in backward. But of all the benefits they present, the most outstanding one is that they offer the most surface area any high current connector can offer, and are most likely the easiest RC connectors in the market to slide apart and together.

Bullet Connectors

Bullet connectors are often times the main connectors attached to most LiPo batteries, especially the larger LiPo Battery types. The great thing about these connectors is that they are able to handle a buck load of current. However, they are known to pull apart when roughly handled or during hard landings. If you are thinking of dropping bullet connectors that came with your LiPo battery, then make sure that the ones you buy have the correct size match.

XT-60 Connectors

While a bit more expensive than most LiPo battery connector types on the market, XT-60 connectors are the most popular and most common connectors out there. While other connectors have been introduced into the market, their adoption rate has often been minimal.

The good thing about XT-60 connectors, which is why they probably are so prevalent, is that they are not only relatively small, but they are also quite compact and easy to solder; making them a good option for newbie RC enthusiasts.

JST-XH Plug Connector

The JST-XH Plug is the closest you will ever come to industry standard when it comes to balance plugs and connectors. The connector comes as a standard feature on almost all major brands from Venom and Traxxas to Duratrax and E-Flite. Most cheap battery makers use this plug as well.

And while it's not as nice as most plugs and connectors on the market, it is ubiquitous, and that makes it a logical for such brands. The truth is, only very few manufacturers out there do not use this plug for balance lead. When using this plug, make sure to unplug it while grasping the plastic housing as pulling on its wires is the quickest way pull to them out of their housing, most likely shorting your battery.

Servo Connectors

Servo connectors are another common yet easy to use and convenient type of connector. However, they only work best under low currents; meaning that they may not be the best option for some purposes. Sometimes, in crashes, these connectors may simply loosen or can become detached, causing an open circuit in the wiring. If not discovered and fixed, this may lead to problems in the future.

The great thing is that servo connector problems can easily be solved by dabbing some super glue or hot glue on the connector's connection. While not the most advisable option to use on LiPo battery connections, this connector is ideal for video and camera transmitter wiring.

The above are just but some of the main LiPo battery connector types available on the market. When looking for LiPo battery connectors, it is important that you consider the type of connector you are getting and if it will meet your specific connection needs.

If you are not too sure about your soldering skills, then consider buying custom made adapters that come with pre-soldered cable adapters. These will make easier for you to connect any type of connector your specific LiPo battery comes with to a model's wiring.