How To Recover Deleted Photographs From An SD Card

A photograph is worth one thousand words - or that is the saying. We take photographs to capture memories, but when the photo is deleted from the memory card of our digital cameras the memory disappears.

Well, not from our minds but physically and it's impossible to recover the image of your child's first steps or your brother's wedding; or, is it? This article will provide information on how to recover deleted or lost photographs from an SD card.

As photographic technology evolves, the sizes of the camera and the memory or SD cards are becoming smaller. This does not mean the capacity for images are becoming less.

In fact, many high-quality cameras and cards can hold several gigabytes. This means nothing if you accidentally delete event images from the card. The size of the delete button has become smaller and potentially easier to press.

How Can I Recover Deleted Photographs?

Download Reliable SD Card Recovery Software

This is the first step to take when you are looking to recover deleted images from an SD card. If you perform a quick Google search for card recovery software, you will find that there is a plethora of software options; however, it is important that you only download the highest quality alternative.

To locate the best option, it is recommended that you read testimonials on the product and do some research using forums from trusted tech websites. It may be tempting to download the first freeware option, but research will make sure your recovery is smooth and simple.

You should also consider that the software comes with simple installation instructions and is compatible with your computer's operating system. For example, the recovery software must be supported by Windows if you use Windows or it will not be effective.

Install The Software

The next step seems quite an obvious one: install to use the software. However, it is important that you read the instructions carefully and install the software correctly or the images may be lost forever. Reliable and efficient recovery software is typically easy to use and presents with a simple user guide. This should be reviewed when searching for the suitable software option.

Connect Your SD Card

For the deleted images to be recovered from the SD card, it is necessary to connect the card to the system. A slot reader must be purchased for this to be possible, and the SD card must be placed into the systems card reader. If the card is already in the camera, you can connect the camera to the computer - this could be simpler for individuals who do not have a card reader.

Use The Recovery Software

Once the computer system detects the card, you must open the card recovery software installed and option for the correct task to complete. Each type of software has a different design; therefore, it is important you read the instructions for operation. However, the files of the lost images will be presented and you can click on the photographs you wish to recover. The process can take some time, but at the end of the software scan your photographs will be displayed and you can restore them to the SD card.

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