How Do You Repair RAW SD Card Using CMD

If your SD card or USB Drive has stopped working and you have tried formatting it multiple times but it still continues to malfunction it can be quite a frustrating experience.

Many people continue facing similar problems with their SD cards and Pen Drives. Luckily, it is possible to solve the problem and fix your corrupted USB drive or SD card.

The Problem with the RAW File System

If your SD card or USB drive becomes RAW file system, it becomes impossible to access the data contained inside.

Each time you try double clicking it, the message "the disk drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?" will keep appearing.

In such a situation it is neither possible to format the USB drive or SD card immediately nor convert it directly. If you encounter such a problem, you should first recover the data before formatting the SD card or USB drive.

Recovering Data from the Corrupted SD Card

If the SD card is RAW, you cannot use Windows to format it since the RAW drive cannot be read by the computer or Command prompt. If you open CMD and type chkdsk to repair your SD card it will show "the type of filesystem is RAW, CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives".

To recover the data inside the RAW SD card, you will need to use a data recovery tool.

The data recovery tool can recover any file formats including images, videos, audio, documents, etc. from a RAW drive efficiently. The data recovery tool will also help you recover files from a flash drive, hard drive, etc. if it is showing RAW file system.

Here is how you can recover data using a data recovery tool known as Mini Tool.

  • Download MiniTool Power Data Recovery and then install it
  • Open the tool and you will find 5 recovery modules on the interface: 
  • Digital Device Recovery
  • Lost Partition Recoery
  • Undelete Recovery
  • Damaged partition recovery
  • CD/DVD Recovery
  • Choose Damaged Partition Recovery since it is designed specifically for RAW, formatted, corrupted hard disk or partition.
  • Select the RAW SD card you would like to recover files from and follow the instructions to scan it fully.
  • Select the folders or files that you would like to recover and save to a different save location.

This tutorial just showed you how to recover data from the corrupted SD card but does not show you how to fix it. Fixing it involves formatting the SD card or USB drive.

Formatting Your SD Card

The data recovery tools helps you to recover the data from the corrupted SD card easily and in a short time.

Once you have recovered all the files you need, it is now time to fix it by formatting it. Once you have formatted it, you can convert it to NTFS or FAT 32, which are both file systems that Windows can recognize.

It is possible to repair a corrupted SD card using Command Prompt (CMD) in Windows. The How-to guide below will help you do it in a simpler way.

In the technique all you have to do is enter some commands in CMD and Windows will forcefully format the SD card or USB drive.

Follow the simple steps outlined below and you can do it in just a few minutes.

  • Connect your corrupted SD card or USB drive to your computer
  • Open Command window. You can open it in several ways. You can click on the start button and in the search box type cmd and choose the command prompt program. Alternatively, you can press Windows Key + R and in the dialog box type cmd and click OK. This too will open the command window.
  • Once you have opened command prompt you should start entering some commands. Type diskpart and press Enter. To display a list of all the storage devices that are connected to your computer you should then type list disk and press Enter.
  • You should now type select disk <number of your disk> and then press Enter. The number of your disk here is the number assigned to your SD card or USB drive. Ensure that you enter the correct number. If not, you could format the internal hard disk.
  • Once you have chosen the right disk you should type clean then press Enter. Next, you should type create partition primary and then press enter.
  • You should then type active and hit Enter. Next, type select partition 1 and then press Enter.
  • Finally, you should type format fs=fat32 and then press Enter. If your SD card is larger than 4GB you should type ntfs instead of fat32. The format process should be over in just a few minutes. You should avoid closing the window until the process is complete

Once you have done this, your SD card or USB drive will be back to normal once more.

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