Tips on How to Delete Pictures from SD Card

Here are several tips that will help you get rid of unwanted - or sensitive - pictures from your SD card ...

#1: Delete them straight off of the camera

First and foremost, you can manually delete pictures off of your SD card while the SD card is inserted into the camera. The process for doing this will be different depending on the camera that you are using and the type of operating system that is used.

Make sure that you double and triple check before removing the pictures and always go back to make sure that they are removed accordingly.

This can be done out in the field and without you having to have access to your computer to make it happen. However, compatibility issues might cause errors, so avoid this unless you are hard pressed for time.

#2: Use your OS explorer to send the photos to the trash

Whether you have a Mac or Windows computer, the most efficient way of getting rid of your photos is to use your operating system. Make sure that you go to finder, my computer or whichever process is needed for removing these photographs from your SD card.

By understanding how to do this, you will be able to take the photographs that you need removed and put it into the recycle bin or trash. Always be sure that you take the extra step to clear your trash or recycle bin so that it is complete.

#3: Use a scanning program to make sure that the deletions are complete

The problem with data is that when things are deleted, they are not always completely deleted. People with some computer savvy may be able to recover deleted information even if it does not appear on the card anymore.

In order to get around this, you should invest in a scanning program which will allow you to look beneath the surface and make sure that it is completely removed from the card.

#4: Search as specifically as possible on a case by case basis

It is necessary that you always know exactly which photographs you want to get rid of on the SD card.

When you make large-scale, sweeping deletions, you run the risk of getting rid of photographs that you still wanted to hold onto. If you are professional or business owner, this can leave you open to tremendous mistakes that can cost you serious money.

The best way to go about this is to use a uniform process for naming your photographs. This way, you will have the opportunity to find the right file name and know exactly how to find anything you want removed and remove them accordingly.

#5: Make sure to back up your content to the best of your ability

It is very important that you backup your pictures a few times before you make deletions. You never know when you will need to go back and get something or to correct a mistake. The more backups you have, the better you will feel about this.

#6: Go to a computer repair shop if you need to delete sensitive content and need to make sure it is permanent and irreversible

One step you can take is to bring the SD card to a computer repair shop that can assist you. This is particularly useful if you are having file corruption issues or other problems that are making deletion difficult. By visiting an expert who can help you, you will be able to remove any file.

When you take advantage of these tips, you will best be able to delete photographs off of your SD card. Doing this will allow you to reuse your SD cards and handle any other type of multimedia storage that you need.

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By taking advantage of such tips, you will have the opportunity to be careful with the way that you delete your pictures and will be able to do so according to your own wishes. To avoid mistakes and to get rid of photographs that are taking up space on your card, put these tips to use.