The Blade MQX Quadcopter: The #1 Feature …

The world of quadcopters is a great deal of fun, but can be very confusing for beginners when trying to choose the best option for your needs.  The Smya X1 is currently very popular because it is durable and easy to fly with its 2.4GHz transmission.  Plus, you can make it do outrageous tricks at the mere click of a button.  However, there are various other types of quadcopters for beginners available to purchase and it is recommended you take a look at these before making a final decision.

The Blade MQX quadcopter is sure to surpass your expectations.  Similar to the Syma X1 in size, but superior in performance featuring 5.5 inch blades, 4 brushed 8.55 mm motors, and an impressive 4-in-1 receiver/mixer/sensor/ESC unit acting as the quadcopter’s flight control board.  One of the most beneficial features of the Blade MQX option is the built-in DSM2 receiver.  Generally quadcopters come with proprietary transmitters and receivers often leaving the equipment incompatible with your other hardware unless you have hacking capabilities.  However, the built-in DMS2 receiver helps bind any compatible radio signals with the quadcopter without hacking hardware.  So, instead of carrying numerous radios you can program all the models into one transmitter.

The Blade MQX also has a pre-built + configuration frame.  This means the top arm of the + is forward, which is more stable and responds more efficiently to slower commands – much better for the beginner.  This being the case there is less chance of losing control in the + configuration.  Of course, you can change to an X mode if you wish.  The X mode is generally used by more experienced flyers, but if you do this it is recommended you change a prop allowing two props of the same color in the front and two props of a different color at the back.

The battery available with this model is the LiPo 1S 3.7V 500 mAh battery – a durable battery offering approximately 10 minutes of battery life.  However, it will require about 45 minutes of charging before use so it is recommended you buy extra batteries if you want to fly for prolonged periods of time.  Generally these batteries are quite cheap and will allow for more flying fun.

Some beginners are concerned about crashing but you need not be, particularly if you are flying over grassy areas.  The carbon fiber spars found in the Blade MQX quadcopter ensures great strength and the plastic canopy only adds to its durability.  Furthermore, it is very light in weight so there will not be much momentum behind any crush reducing potential damage.  If you happen to crash and break a part of the quadcopter, there are detailed tutorials available online on how to repair the item.  You can also purchase propellers and replacement parts via online hobby stores.

Here’s a nice video you’ll want to check out …

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