FPV Racing Drones: The 7+ Ultimate Revelations

With technology rapidly advancing, things that no one imagined a few years ago are today a reality. FPV racing drones are one such innovation. In layman’s terms, drones are popular helicopter like gadgets that can be used for a variety of purposes. In recent times, drones are used for aerial photography, shooting, underwater search operations and also for disaster relief management. The usage of the drone is not limited to one arena – these are very popular toys as well.
On this note, fpv drone racing has gained huge popularity. To get into this field of drone racing, you need to be a pro at flying quadcopters or rc helicopters to start with.

This sport is not really complex but involves some technical complexities that you should be aware of. In order to become good at drone racing, practice is a must. Although quadcopters can be made at home, there are ready to fly or RTF models available as well. Depending on the level of your experience with drones, the equipment can be purchased.

What do you mean by drone racing?

Drone racing refers to the flying of drones in a designated path, just for the purpose of entertainment. Mostly, RTF quadcopters are used in the racing arena, just because they are easy to assemble and don’t involve any complex mechanisms. Further, racing quadcopters require powerful and strong rotors – but this has to be achieved whilst keeping the machine very light. Heavy quads take longer to get to high speeds and build any kind of momentum.

Due to all the excitement and fun, this sport is becoming very popular worldwide. There are countries that have made drone racing a yearly show.

Should you build the racing drones or to buy them?

There are a lot of intricacies attached to the construction of drones. Mostly, drones are made of solid metals or even hard plastic. It is totally your choice to build the drone from scratch or just purchase an assembled model. Further, the models for drone racing vary, and it all boils down to the various features. Some drones can be very easy to fly, while others could be a bit sluggish and harder to fly.

RTF or Ready to fly drones need no assembly. All you have to do is to check the different attachments of the drone, and you are ready to fly it. However, it is really time-consuming to consider the factors that can help you purchase the drone. Characteristics like propellers, motor framing, etc., distinguish a good drone, from a bad one. Therefore, individuals have to be pretty careful in determining the quality off the drone purchased. Further, RTF drones should be analyzed on these criteria only.

When confused with the answer, whether to buy a drone or just to make one, consider your present drone racing skills too. If you are a beginner, the option of professional racing is limited. On the other hand, experienced individuals can even think of making a drone, just because they have adequate knowledge about the instrument. Accordingly, individuals need to keep their options flexible and consider their comfort too. Accepting the challenge of racing a drone is interesting. But, you have to be careful with the careful analysis of the drone model that you choose for racing.

Factors to consider when buying the drone

There are several factors to consider when buying a good quality ready to fly a drone. A lot of special features characterize the ultimate flying drone that is going to embrace good speed and stability. If you are amateur in this field, then some of the basic factors that will help you buy a racing drone are as follows:

Range of the flying drone

One of the most important features that help individuals select the perfect drone model for racing is the range of the drone. Typically, all drones are capable of flying to a certain distance. This is measured in terms of the features of the drone and even its size. Generally, when drone racing is concerned, there is no limit to flying.

You can choose to fly it as per your own comfort. However, according to the details that technology sets up for these drones, you can fly the aircraft up to 40 kilometers. This is more or less the default range, which can be set easily. Therefore, monitoring this distance will help all drone racers stay cautious about their own racing, without any limitations!


FPV refers to the First Person View. This feature is used when piloting a small aircraft from the pilots or even the individual’s viewpoint. This characteristic is present in all the latest drone models and makes it easier for aerial flying!

Battery – charging time and battery life

Most people forget to consider battery life when it comes to buying a racing drone. The battery is the main element, which keeps the drone active and improves its speed and efficiency. For both small and larger quadcopters and other drone models, the battery life can simply support the racing process for not more than 20 minutes. Differentiating the smaller models from the larger ones, the battery life for the bigger quadcopters is better and serves all racers to win some extra time span. But the use of FPV always limits the use of the battery, in case of larger drones.

Warranty period

An important factor to consider when buying quality racing drones is the warranty period. Here, only the basic parts of the drone, along with its cover, are capable of repair with the help of the warranty card. If by chance you hit the drone and it breaks, then definitely there is no chance of getting the drone repaired with the warranty card and you are out of good luck. Both RTF, as well as APF drone models, are applicable for repair in the warranty period. Any problem with the parts and you can use the warranty feature for its repair!

Terms of replacement

It is common to experience some form of minor accidents for the first time when racing your drones. Here, you should be careful, whether or not, the parts are within the conditions of replacement or not. Possibly when you have a drone, you need access to several types of parts, like propellers, motors, etc. Therefore, talk to your shopkeeper, and understand as to how the damaged parts will get replaced. Also, clarify extra parts that you get the drone kit so that it can be used at the time of emergency!


When you are purchasing racing drones, the budget is also an important factor that you should not be missing out on. The features of the drone ultimately make up for its price tag. There are controlling parts, display features, battery, etc., which adds up to the total price of the drone. Therefore, always have a fixed budget in mind before you buy your drone. Smaller models have one price, and bigger quadcopters have another. Thus, based on your level of skill and experience, feel free to analyze the budget and invest in your racing drone accordingly!

Is racing drones really hard?

Flying a drone isn’t as hard as it looks to be. There are more or less some technical elements that you need to understand before you attempt to fly the drone. Every drone consists of sensors that keep the drone balanced in the air. It also aims at stabilizing the whole flying experience, thereby preventing this small aircraft from tripping in the middle of its flight. The functions of all racing drones typically get adjusted with its flying modes, which makes it possible to capture an aerial view of all things around.

Therefore, as an amateur, who is quite interested in the field of drone racing, practice is the key to perfect this craft. By using any kind of drone model, you can become a pro in drone racing within months. Even if it crashes and the drone falls down, learn from your mistakes and get back to the racing field. Also, staying creative will help you fly a drone quadcopter in the best way possible.

Things you need to know if you are a first-time drone racer:

How to become one?

Since flying a drone isn’t complex at all, more and more individuals are looking forward to flying this instrument. There is quite an anticipation noticed in first-time drone racers. It is always suggested that you keep the drone model restricted to a small one so that you can learn the basics and master the flying techniques accordingly. Later on, you can switch to a bigger drone with additional features.

As a first-timer, learning all the basics is important. You should understand all its control features, the use of the camera, mounting of GoPro, the use of propellers, etc. All these determine the whole legit affair of flying a drone. Therefore, individuals need to understand the main controlling system and how a drone should be managed while flying. Making mistakes as beginners is a natural phenomenon and you tend to learn more with these mistakes!

On that note, paying attention to the details of drone racing can make you an effortless drone flying in no time. You need to challenge yourself and have confidence and stability while flying the drone. Well, there are a few tips that can help aspiring beginners, become perfect drone racers.

These are as follows:

Use a simulator

For first-timers, who do not have the full experience of flying the drone; feel free to unlock the use of the simulator. This simulator can be used with all drone models. You can fly the drone at any speed you like and crashing is also not a huge problem. You do not even have to repair or even replace any of its parts. These simulators are available at cheap prices and can be used in the racing leagues as well.

Get involved in drone racing outside your home

One of the best ways to understand the experience of flying a drone is to race it outside of your home. In this way, you will come to terms with all the control features, its accessibility, the racing terms and conditions, FPV, etc. Flying the drone outside will further invest confidence, making you realize that you can race a drone, without having trouble. You can practice racing drones as much as possible, in any outside place you feel like.

Try to incorporate obstacles in your way

The best way to learn to race a drone is to incorporate any kind of obstacles in your way. These obstacles can be made from scratch, and you can place them on the path of the flying zone. Having these obstacles will further make it easier for you to learn the tactics of drone racing. Also, you will overcome fear and become more confident, when it comes to drone racing!

Try to race the drone indoors

Apart from flying the drone outside, make it a point to fly the drone inside too. If you are given a small space for drone racing, the practice of flying a drone inside will help you out. Also, you can check the FPV and how to control its different angles, when flying the drone inside. Drone racing inside the house comes with limitations in space and height, which further improves the overall experience of racing drones.

Never stop practicing

The practice is the only solution for all drone lovers out there, who are ready to participate in drone leagues. Working hard to cover up all the features that you lack, will improve your drone racing experience. Therefore, never give up on your drone racing league and try to avoid mistakes, in order to perfect your flying skills.

Drone Racing Leagues

With the increase in Drone racing participants all over the world, drone racing leagues need no formal introduction. The leagues are defined as small battling grounds, like any other game of football or cricket. In drone racing leagues, drone racers from all over the world can participate, without any external limitations. The leagues are now becoming a common sight all over the world. This is one such space that never fails to accommodate drone racers and their never-ending love for flying these mini helicopters.

Drone racing leagues are defined by some critical rules that every player must truly follow. These rules dictate the whole flying process, the flying time and the environment for flying quadcopters. Breaking the rules of the league will lead to expulsion, from the whole racing tournament. That is why players should participate in these drone racing leagues with discipline and confidence.

The most popular drone racing leagues are

  • Aerial drone league.
  • FPV drone racing.
  • Multi GP drone racing.
  • The aerial grand drone racing league.

FPV Drone Kits

If you are an advanced drone racer, trying out FPV drone kits can definitely work wonders. These kits come in a fully assembled form and don’t involve complex mannerisms at all. Sometimes, there are other variations of this FPV racing drone kit available. These turn out to be unassembled and require the individual to take note of the parts and attach them properly. Here, the knowledge about drones comes into effect. Using the kits will further help you; learn more about its parts, and its quintessential features.

Setting up a drone, therefore, consists of tasks like wiring and arranging, which is really a time-taking process. But it’s totally worth it if you are an admirer of drone racing. Plus, keeping all negative aspects at bay, setting up the drone will further promote an improved and efficient flying experience, resulting in the building of expertise!

All these FPV drone kits can be purchased from any technical store, both online or offline. The steps to arrange the drone is carefully listed at the back of the packaging box, in which the parts of the drones are provided to you. In addition to that, you will also receive a separate user-manual with the kit, where the steps are clearly listed one by one. Following all these steps will further help you to assemble the drone within a short span of time.

The drawbacks of GoPro FPV: Is it worth it to use GoPro for drone racing?

It is quite common to take note of the GoPro camera, where drone racing is concerned. This action camera is capable of capturing best shots from a particular distance above the ground and is also good for aerial photography. Mounting a good GoPro model on your racing drone will move even the laziest individuals out of their couches, for a wonderful outdoor flying experience. But there still arises the question, ‘’is it really worth all the effort of using a GoPro camera?’’.

In answering this query, several factors are taken into consideration. Although it is okay to mount the GoPro in an FPV drone, there are still some drawbacks associated with the whole process. Watching the wonderful aspects of the world, through the eyes of a GoPro, is an incredible opportunity that you cannot afford to miss. But the most challenging affair is that a GoPro camera is made with the features of FPV, and there are some serious disadvantages present here.

Therefore, a careful look at the demerits is as follows:

The lag…

One of the greatest disadvantages that you experience, when using a GoPro camera with your drone, is the extra lag. This means that there is a slight time difference in catching up with the camera reflects and what you actually watch on the remote controlling screen. This time difference further destroys the whole experience of flying and racing the drone. This time-lapse differs from the GoPro model too. Therefore, you should always think twice, before you finally attach your GoPro to the drone.

The extra weight

When you attach a GoPro with your racing drone, the overall weight increases. This is not at all convenient for amateur players, who are learning to fly the drone. Although experienced players can handle it, the drone becomes too heavy.

More power is required

When attaching a GoPro, the power to fly the drone increases. This means that extra pressure is inserted on the batteries and the propellers. This is not a good sign and can be damaging for the drone in the long run. When using a GoPro for racing drones, a separate gimbal should be attached, which will support the camera in a convenient way.

Do drone racers get paid?

Drone racing is indeed a supreme experience to catch up with. You definitely need to showcase your skills, along with the art of drone racing. But the question is, ‘’ do drone racers really get paid?’’. It all depends on the ranks that you occupy in the game and the quality with which you play your game. There is always a reward attached to racing drones, and drone racing leagues announce the final reward, prior to the starting of the event. There is always a sense of awe and anticipation in players, and the power to win the league further increases.

In conclusion…

There are so many perks associated with drone racing. Apart from all the terms and conditions that you should strictly follow, it is quite interesting to take note of the attributes associated with the flying process. Drone racing can be mastered by anyone, only if timing and dedication are carefully adjusted. Therefore, instead of pondering over the thought of flying a drone one day, get up and make an effort to fulfill this dream! You are never going to look back, once you start flying the drone!