“How to Calculate Drone Photography Rates – A Guide for Professional Photographers”

Average Cost:

The average cost for hiring a drone photographer can vary depending on the type of project, the complexity and duration of the shoot. Generally, drone photographers charge between $100-$300 per hour for their services. This includes travel time and any post-processing that may be needed to complete the job. Depending on how long it takes to set up or take down equipment, these fees could increase significantly as well.

Additional Fees:

In addition to hourly rates, many drone photographers also charge additional fees such as insurance costs if they are required by law in your area. Also keep in mind that some locations require special permits before drones can be flown which will add extra expense too! Many professionals also offer discounts when booking multiple sessions at once so consider this option if you need more than one session completed within a short period of time.

Factors To Consider:

When considering whether or not to hire a professional drone photographer there are several factors that should be taken into account including experience level (how experienced is the person with flying drones?), technology used (are they using top quality cameras?) and budget availability (can you afford what is being offered?). Additionally make sure you read reviews from past clients about their experiences with certain photographers - this will help ensure you get exactly what you're looking for!


Price Range:

The price for drone photography services can vary widely based on the experience of the photographer and the scope of their project. Generally, a professional drone photographer will charge anywhere from $50 to over $500 per hour or more depending upon complexity and travel time. Some experienced photographers may even offer discounts if they are hired for multiple projects in one day.

  • Hourly rates start at around $50

  • Rates can exceed up to $500 an hour

  • Multiple job discounts available

Factors Affecting Cost:

There are several factors that affect how much a drone photographer charges including location, type of service needed, length of shoot, number of drones used and other equipment required such as stabilizers or editing software. Location is especially important when it comes to aerial shots since some locations require special permission from local authorities due to safety concerns related with flying drones near people or property. The use higher quality cameras might also increase cost but usually result in better images overall due to increased resolution and improved image stabilization technology found in newer models like DJI Phantom 4 Pro+.

  • Local permissions & regulations
  • Quality/type camera being used
  • Length & complexity (stabilizing)

Benefits Of Hiring A Drone Photographer:

 Hiring a professional drone photographer has many benefits beyond just beautiful photos; they have knowledge about current laws regarding safe operation which ensures your project meets all legal requirements while still producing stunning imagery without compromising anyone’s safety or privacy rights! Additionally, hiring someone who specializes in aerial photography gives you access not only high-quality photographs but also valuable insights into potential angles that could maximize impactful visuals for marketing campaigns etc… Professional drone photographers often come equipped with specialized tools necessary for capturing incredible footage safely - this includes extra batteries backup systems along with advanced software programs capable making subtle color adjustments during post production workflows resulting polished videos ready upload online platforms quickly!

  • Knowledgeable about applicable laws
  • Accessible specialist tools    
  • Expertise creating powerful visuals

    Key takeaways
    1. Cost of drone photography services depends on the type, complexity and duration of the project.
    2. Professional drone photographers typically charge an hourly rate or a flat fee for their work to cover all costs associated with shooting and editing aerial images/videos as well as any additional expenses such as travel fees, insurance etc.
    3. Drone photogaphers should have adequate knowledge about safety regulations in order to ensure that they are able to provide legal services in accordance with local laws & regulations governing UAV operations

    Cost of Drone Photography Services

Cost of Drone Photography Services:

  • Professional drone photography services typically cost anywhere from $100 to over $1,000 per hour.

  • Factors that influence the cost include the experience level and reputation of the photographer, as well as any additional equipment or editing needed for your project.

  • Other factors such as location, travel time and weather conditions can also affect pricing.

Types of Drone Photography Projects:

  • Aerial photography is often used in real estate marketing to capture an overview shot of properties on sale.

  • Event coverage such as weddings may require a combination aerial video and stills shots captured with drones during key moments throughout the day.

  • Industrial inspections are becoming increasingly popular with companies using drones for surveying roofs or inspecting pipelines without having to send personnel into hazardous situations.

    Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Photographer:

  • You’ll get professional quality images rather than amateur-level results which will help you stand out from competitors when it comes to marketing materials or products you wish to showcase online/in print media etc..

  • Working with experienced photographers ensures safety since they have knowledge about FAA regulations and other legal requirements associated with flying a drone commercially in certain locations/areas etc..

  • Experienced professionals know exactly what type of equipment needs be setup before hand depending upon your specific project requirements so there are no last minute surprises due unexpected complications while shooting on site

    Factors that Affect Drone Photographer Rates


The location of the shoot is one of the main factors that affects drone photographer rates. The cost of living in a particular area, such as rent or food prices, can increase or decrease the rate charged by a professional drone photographer. For example, an experienced and skilled freelance drone photographer may charge more if they are located in New York City than someone who lives in rural Iowa.

  • Cost of Living

  • Travel Costs for Photographer

  • Competition Level from Other Photographers

Experience & Skill Level:

The experience and skill level also impacts how much a professional drone photographer charges for their services. Generally speaking, photographers with more years under their belt will generally command higher fees due to having greater expertise when it comes to capturing aerial images using drones compared to those just starting out on this career path. In addition to experience and skillset, quality equipment used by the photograher can influence what kind of fee they require for their services - particularly if high-end cameras are being utilized during shoots requiring precision workmanship results.

  • Years Of Experience
  • Quality Of Equipment Used
  • Specialization/Skillset Required

    Facts and Statistics
    1. Aerial photography was first practiced by the French photographer and balloonist Gaspard-Félix Tournachon in 1858 over Paris, France.
    2. The earliest surviving aerial photograph is titled 'Boston, as the Eagle and the Wild Goose See It.' Taken by James Wallace Black and Samuel Archer King on October 13, 1860 from a height of 630m.
    3. Elevated photography can also produce bird's-eye images closely resembling aerial photography (despite not actually being aerial shots) when telephotoing from a high vantage structures or mounted above vehicles

    Average Prices for Drone Photo Sessions

Small Scale Sessions:

The cost of a small scale drone photo session can range from $200 - $500. Here are some factors that affect the pricing:

  • The type and size of the drone being used

  • Time spent shooting and editing photos or videos

  • Travel expenses for getting to and from the shoot location

Medium Scale Sessions:

Medium scale drone photography sessions typically cost between $600 -$1,000. Some points that determine this price include :

  • Quality of equipment required (camera, lenses etc.)
  • Number of shots needed during the session
  • Editing time involved in post-processing images/videos

Large Scale Projects:

                           Large projects involving drones require more resources than smaller ones. This often results in higher costs with prices ranging from around $1000-$3000 depending on various variables such as :
  • Complexity & scope of project
  • Amount & quality gear required
  • Specialised skillset + experience level

    Professional Drone Photographers Fees & Packages

Professional Drone Photographers Fees & Packages:

Professional drone photographers charge different rates and packages depending on the purpose of their services, complexity of the project, experience level and other factors. Generally speaking, experienced professionals can charge anywhere from $150 to over $1000 per hour for complex projects or shoots with high-end equipment. Some common packages include hourly rate fees as well as full day or multiple days bookings that come with a discounted price tag. Here are some points to consider when looking into hiring professional drone photography services:

  • Research potential candidates thoroughly – make sure they have valid licenses (where applicable) and insurance coverage; check out portfolios & reviews online before making a decision

  • Consider additional costs such as travel expenses if you need someone outside your area

  • Ask about post-production editing options like aerial video stabilization which can add extra value to your images/videos

    Negotiating a Good Price with a Drone Photographer

Negotiating the Right Price:

When negotiating with a drone photographer, it is important to understand what type of services they offer and how much they are charging. It's also useful to consider any discounts or special deals that may be available. Here are some tips for getting the best price when hiring a drone photographer:

  • Ask about their experience in aerial photography - this will help you determine if they have the right skillset for your project.

  • Find out what equipment they use and ask if there is an additional cost associated with renting different types of drones or cameras.

  • Research current market prices so you can negotiate from an informed position – understanding industry rates will put you in a better bargaining position when it comes time to talk money!

Understanding Their Services:

It’s important to ensure that the drone photographer has all necessary licenses and insurance before signing any contracts, as well as having appropriate safety protocols in place during shoots. You should also discuss expectations beforehand such as turnaround times, post-production editing capabilities, quality control standards etc., ensuring both parties agree on these details before work commences. This helps avoid disagreements later down the line which could lead to costly disputes over payment terms or delivery dates being missed!

Be Clear About Your Budget:

Before engaging with any potential photographers make sure that you set yourself realistic budget parameters; knowing exactly how much money is allocated towards each part of your project will make negotiations easier once contact has been established between both parties involved (client & service provider). Outline everything clearly from start date/time through until completion date/time including fees applicable per hour worked by said professional(s). Doing this at outset allows everyone involved full clarity into what’s expected throughout entire process saving time & confusion further down line leading up final invoice submission stage too!

Know When To Walk Away :

                   Knowing when enough negotiation has taken place can save everybody unnecessary headache going forward; take note not just of price but other factors discussed previously i.e licensing required versus those actually held by person working alongside client plus timeline agreed upon initially compared against estimated delivery window given after commencement works began amongst many others points raised earlier like quality assurance procedures etc.. All play role determining whether deal struck beneficial one overall meaning even though certain number maybe offered doesn't mean necessarily right decision accept same either way rounder view must taken account first deciding ultimately whether continue discussions go elsewhere search alternative options instead?

Don't Forget Ongoing Costs :

        Finally don't forget about ongoing costs related using specific platform / company longterm basis e g maintenance support provided back end updates made periodically software packages used guarantee continued access images produced stored safely securely cloud based server instance hardware requirements needed running smoothly without interruption In addition check rate charged future projects done involving similar nature do add contingency plan event something goes wrong midway point requiring immediate attention resolution issues arise minimise disruption caused business operations result maintain good relationship between two sides moving forwards