Quadcopter Kit Reviews: 5 Of The Best Quadcopter Kits

Looking for quadcopter kit reviews? You're on the right page! All quadcopter manufacturers, whether they are established or brand new, always claim to have the best quadcopter kits around.

The only problem with that is there are so many quadcopters out there in the marketplace to sort through. So how do you narrow down your choices? How can you really know which manufacturers are the best?

If this is a problem you have been struggling with, then you are in luck. On this page we are going to cover this issue in great detail to help you with your decision making process.

Flying quadcopters is not exactly an inexpensive hobby. Frames, batteries, ESCs, motor and flight controllers don't come cheap. Whether you build or buy, either way it will probably cost you more than $200 just to get started. Then every couple of months or so you'll be spending another $100 or possibly more on replacing worn out or broken parts and on upgrades. So is it best to build a quadcopter from parts purchased separately or should you buy a kit that includes everything in one package? That is a big decision you need to make.


wheel base


Carbon Fiber Kits

best quadcopter kit

BW® DIY F450 4-Axis RC QuadCopter MultiCopter Frame Airframe Kit


quadcopter kit reviews

LHI QAV 250mm Quadcopter Race Copter Frame Kit

250 mm

best quadcopter kit reviews
LHI Emax for 250mm

250 mm

Glass Fiber Kits

quadcopter kit
Hobbypower X525 Quadcopter Glass Friber Folding Kit

525 mm

DIY quadcopter kit

Hobbypower X525 V3 Quadcopter Foldable Kit

525 mm

Quadcopter Kits

Kits work well for individuals who don't have a lot of time to spend on trying to understand which specific components work the best together.

Usually kit components are matched carefully and pre-soldered, which makes them easy to build. At first they might seem less expensive. Many times when you start adding similar parts or configurations purchased separately, it will seem like the kit is cheaper. However, there is a catch.

A kit will only contain parts made by the same manufacturer. Therefore, when you need to purchase replacement parts they are a lot more expensive than off the shelf, generic parts. Parts do fail and crashes invariably happen.

In addition, although the parts that are part of an inexpensive kit might be matched carefully, they might have poor quality parts or not have a lot of features.

The most important component of a quadcopter is the flight control board. If you want advanced features like GPS with way points, position hold, altitude lock, axis lock and auto leveling, you will need to purchase a high end kit. Usually it's very expensive to purchase a kit with anything other than gyro stabilization.

The following information will help you gain a better understanding of exactly what to look for and know which are the best kits.

Ease of Control

For beginners, the easier you can fly a quadcopter, the better. If you aren't sure what to do yet, it's pointless purchasing a top of the line product. First of all, select a user-friendly quadcopter kit with controls that are easy to use and understand.

The DJI Phantom is an excellent quadcopter for beginners. It comes loaded with features and gadgets that make controlling it easy without taking away any fun.

The Phantom isn't the cheapest model available. However, its in-built GPS system gives you total control of your quadcopter and you will always know its whereabouts.

For the complete beginner, this is understandably quite reassuring. As your confidence and experience increase, you might want to invest in one of models with more complex controls like the AR Drone.


Unless you are pretty handy with tools and like do-it-yourself projects, you definitely will want to know how easy it is - or is not - to put together a quadcopter from a kit.

It would be better to buy a rtf quad and start flying right away than buying a kit and not being able to assemble the toy. Not only would that be a waste of money, it could also be frustrating as well.


Do you want a camera and a GPS on your quad? It may not be possible to mount a camera on just about any quadcopter.

It should be able to support a certain payload weight and not every model allows that. You will want to know that before you choose a kit.

Replacement Parts

Quadcopters are notoriously unstable, and learning to fly one can be pretty hard. Which does mean crashes are all too common.

While most models are sturdy and can withstand rough handling, at least a few of the crashes are certain to result in breakages.

So you will need ready access to spares. If spares happen to be hard to find, your quad will be grounded for a long while.


Price should perhaps be the last thing that you need to consider when purchasing the best quadcopter.

If you happen to be a beginner, probably you're hesitant to pay a lot of money for your first quadcopter, while someone with more experience might be comfortable to spend a little more.

However, in order to get a robust quadcopter, you might need to spend a little more money.

Many people get caught in the trap of not spending very much on a quadcopter and then end up having to constantly buy replacement parts or need to upgrade.

Just remember, time is money. Although a good quadcopter will cost you approximately $200, you still need to figure out what you can get for that.

Normally, you will only get propellers and the frame for $200. You will also have to factor in costs for a lithium ion battery and receiver/transmitter remote control.

Just those two items will put you at around $300. For points of reference, the AR Drone 2.0 Parrot, an out of the box full up quadcopter, retails for $200+, and the DJI Phantom may cost $500+ on the high end.

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