Read This Before You Buy A Quadcopter …

A radio controlled quadcopter can be a lot of fun, but if you are thinking of purchasing one you should take a moment to read through some quadcopter reviews first.

There are a number of great websites which are frequented by quadcopter fanatics, and they are always happy to share their feedback and experiences in regards to which are the best models. These websites also tend to list the best current details for purchasing your ideal quadcopter, whether you are after a nano drone or a more substantial design. Models which come with integrated electronic cameras are also widely available and are becoming increasingly popular.

Owning your own quadcopter does not need to be expensive. For under $70 you can now buy models with a 2 megapixel camera, which is sufficient to meet most peoples’ video needs. But the number of megapixels is not your only consideration when buying a remote controlled quadcopter.

It can be highly advisable to consider how easy it is to acquire spare parts for your new quadcopter, especially if you are inexperienced at flying such machines. You should make allowances for the fact that you are likely to crash your quadcopter, and should ensure that you know where suitable replacement components are sold. Most repairs can be made by amateurs, but you will need basic soldering skills and should buy yourself a soldering kit if you do not have one already. You may also wish to buy a spare battery for smaller drones, as batteries will only power this type of model for approximately 8 minutes.

As well as checking out a few quadcopter review websites, you should also check out social media sites and YouTube for further information from experienced enthusiasts. The more money you intend to spend, the more important that you put significant time and effort into making your choice.

Once your brand new quadcopter has been delivered, check the packaging for a tip sheet or “getting started” pack. This will provide you with all of the information that you need to get started, and will give you some tips for flying the model safely. If you are new to the hobby, it is recommended that you fully familiarize yourself with the manual before you take your drone or quadcopter for a test flight.

On your first few flights make sure you are using the model in a clear area and keep the machine flying low and slow. It is particularly important to keep your quadcopter away from people, so as to avoid accidents and injury. If you prefer to fly the craft outside it is advisable to keep the sun behind you, so that you have a clear view of the quadcopter. Avoid the temptation to attempt any tricks with micro or nano quadcopters, until you are a truly proficient flyer and have mastered the basics.

We suggest that you carry a few spare components and an extra battery with you, so that you can minimize the amount of downtime which your quadcopter has. If you implement some of the tips in this post, we guarantee that you will have many hours of entertainment with these amazing bits of kit.


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