Syma S107 R/C Helicopter - The coolest Radio Controlled Helicopter for Kids

This is quite possibly one of the best RC helicopter for kids who are between 7 to 14 years old. It's a lot of fun to fly - and it's very inexpensive.

It's so easy to fly that a 7-year-old should be able to learn to handle this thing with just a bit of practice. And it can take a lot of punishment - which is what you would expect a toy helicopter designed for kids to be able to do.

The build quality is sturdy. Even if your child were to crash it into the walls, metal, the floors, it will not break.

It's built almost entirely of aluminum. The workmanship is first class. It's easy to fly - and looks pretty.

It comes fully assembled so you do not have to do any assembly. All you need to do is recharge the batteries and you are good to go.

While the body is built almost entirely from aluminum, the cockpit is very flexible and can take shocks from impacts.

It has an inbuilt gyroscope - and it's a 3 channel model. So it's slow and stable in the air. Yet, it's agile.

Any unintended rotation of the helicopter is auto corrected by the built-in gyroscope. This can rise, sink, fly to and fro and yaw. It has a 4 speed gearbox and can fly at very low speeds - and it's very well suited for small, confined spaces.

It has two powerful LED front lights - so you can fly in the dark.

The 3 channel infrared remote is small and light - so kids should be able to handle it with ease.

This is very good for beginners and kids as you have time to think while flying. You can practice flying without worrying too much about crashing.

And even if you do crash, it's sturdy build will mean it will be up and flying in next to no time with no damage whatsoever.

That said, this is not a toy you would want to fly outdoors in strong winds. It's built to be used indoors.

It comes with a nicely written instruction manual. It's actually written in Chinese and translated into English. Still, it's easy to read and understand.

The packaging doesn’t seem cheap - which is kind of surprising given the low price.

You will need to use six AA batteries - and the charging time is around 40 minutes. Given that the flying time is only around 7 minutes, you would want to have at least a couple of spare sets of batteries on hand.

This is so much fun to fly that small kids can enjoy this for a long while without getting bored. It's stable and smooth in the air. And this should prove to be a great aid in developing hand-eye coordination as well.

Some toy helicopters make an irritating noise when they are in the air. This one only makes a light hum that's almost pleasant to hear. But it does get a bit loud if you go higher.

Even for adults who want to become RC pilots - but have no experience whatsoever, this should prove to be a good model to hone your skills on. Given how inexpensive and sturdy this little thing is, you should be able to get a basic understanding of flying RC helicopters if you were to practice flying this for a day or two.

Actually, it might not take you more than a few minutes to learn how to fly this thing. The gyroscope and the slow speed at which it flies means just about anyone should be able to master this. And since its all aluminum body and flexible cockpit can take a lot of punishment, you do not have to worry about breaking it. The learning curve is not steep at all. Once you are comfortable flying this, then you can graduate to the more expensive models.

You would not want to fly it around animals, though. Cats will certainly be intrigued by this plastic bird and you would not want to take any chances.

Salient features:

Indoor helicopter
High-tech design - aluminum chassis that looks good
Robust, with very resistant plastic cladding
Bright LED lighting
Rotors made of sturdy plastic
Very well suitable for beginners

Technical specifications:

Gyroscope Flight Stabilization Technology
Triband (A, B, C) Infrared control
Extremely light and flexible
Flexible rotor blades
4-speed transmission
Product size: 220 x 38 x 98 mm
Rotor diameter: 155 mm
Charging time approx. 30-40 min
Flight duration: approx. 5-10 min
Remote control includes Charger
Functions: up / down | left / right | Forward / backward
Battery: 3.7V 130mAh Li-polymer
Battery remote control: 6 x AA (not included)

Included in the package is a remote control, a USB charging cable. You will need to buy batteries for the RC helicopter as well as for the remote.